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March 26, 2020
SL Cricketers donate for purchase of essential medical equipment for National Hospital to combat COVID19

Sri Lanka Cricket

By Srian Obeyesekere

With the outbreak of the COVID19 epidemic reaching threatening proportions in Sri Lanka, the national cricket team players threw their solidarity behind the urgent national drive to combat the killer disease that has reared its head by contributing generously towards the purchase of very essential medical equipment for the National Hospital identified as Video Laryngoscopes which are one of the primary medical equipment used to treat Corona affected patients.

This equipment which have been ordered from overseas will be handed over by the Sri Lanka cricketers as soon as the purchases arrive in Sri Lanka.

At national level, the cricketing fraternity has been swift in joining hands with the national drive against the spread of the dreaded COVID19 Corona in Sri Lanka so as to totally wipe out the killer disease from Sri Lanka as the disease has virtually brought day to day life throughout the world to a grinding halt. Sri Lanka Cricket donated a sum of Rs.25 million to the government’s COVID19 Fund to fully eliminate the pandemic from Sri Lanka.

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