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September 3, 2020
Major Club Youth (U-23) Tournament to Begin on September 16

Sri Lanka Cricket

Media Release

03rd September, 2020

The Major Club Youth (U-23) tournament conducted by Sri Lanka Cricket will commence on September 16, heralding the start of a new cricket season. The tournament will run from September 16 to October 11.

A total of 26 clubs who are qualified to play in the Major Club League Tier A and B tournaments for the season 2020-21 are eligible to participate in the Major Club Youth (Under 23) tournament.

The clubs have been divided into four groups and all the matches will be one-day 50-overs a side.

According to the fixtures, each team will play six first-round matches in group A and D which consist of seven teams in each group while teams in group B and C will play five matches.

All teams will play each other once in their respective groups on a round-robin basis where the top team in each group at the end of the league round will progress to the knockout stage – the semi-finals and final.

The defending champions are Colts Cricket Club while Chilaw Marians were the runner-up during the last season.

Major Club Youth Tournament 2020/21
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Army SC Chilaw MCC Colts CC SSC
Navy SC Air Force SC NCC Tamil Union C & AC
BRC Ragama CC Saracens SC Bloomfield C & AC
Badureliya CC Lankan CC Kalutara Town Club CCC
Police SC Negombo CC SLPA SC Galle CC
Nugegoda S & WC Panadura SC Moors SC Kurunegala YCC
Sebastinites C Kandy Customs CC
Date Host Opponent Venue
16-Sep Army SC Nugegoda S & WC Panagoda
Wednesday Navy SC Police SC Welisara
  BRC Badureliya CC BRC
  Chilaw MCC Panadura SC MCG Katunayake
  Air Force SC Negombo CC Katunayake
  Ragama CC Lankan CC TBC
  Colts CC Moors SC Colts
  Kalutara Town Club Saracens SC Surrey
  SSC Kurunegala YCC SSC
  Tamil Union C & AC Galle CC P Sara
  Bloomfield C & AC CCC Bloomfield
19-Sep Sebastinites C Army SC De Zoysa
Saturday Nugegoda S & WC Navy SC Surrey
  Police SC BRC Police Park
  Negombo CC Chilaw MCC MCG Katunayake
  Lankan CC Air Force SC TBC
  Panadura SC Ragama CC Panadura
  SLPA SC Colts CC Dombagoda
  NCC Kalutara Town Club NCC
  Moors SC Saracens SC Moors
  Kandy Customs CC SSC SSC
  Tamil Union C & AC Kurunegala YCC P Sara
  Bloomfield C & AC Galle CC Bloomfield
20-Sep Army SC Police SC Panagoda
Sunday Navy SC Badureliya CC Welisara
  BRC Sebastinites C BRC
  Chilaw MCC Lankan CC MCG Katunayake
  Air Force SC Ragama CC Katunayake
  Panadura SC Negombo CC Panadura
  Colts CC Kalutara Town Club Colts
  NCC Saracens SC NCC
  Moors SC SLPA SC Moors
  SSC Galle CC SSC
  Tamil Union C & AC CCC P Sara
  Bloomfield C & AC Kandy Customs CC Bloomfield
Date Host Opponent Venue
23-Sep Navy SC Army SC Welisara
Wednesday Nugegoda S & WC Badureliya CC Surrey
  Police SC Sebastinites C Police Park
  Tamil Union C & AC SSC P Sara
  CCC Kurunegala YCC CCC
  Galle CC Kandy Customs CC TBC
27-Sep BRC Navy SC BRC
Sunday Badureliya CC Sebastinites C Surrey
  Police SC Nugegoda S & WC Police Park
  Bloomfield C & AC Tamil Union C & AC Bloomfield
  Kandy Customs CC CCC CCC
  Galle CC Kurunegala YCC TBC
01-Oct Badureliya CC Army SC Surrey
Thursday (Poya) Sebastinites C Navy SC De Zoysa
  Nugegoda S & WC BRC BRC
  Ragama CC Chilaw MCC MCG Katunayake
  Panadura SC Air Force SC Panadura
  Negombo CC Lankan CC Bloomfield
  Saracens SC Colts CC Colts
  Moors SC NCC Moors
  SLPA SC Kalutara Town Club Dombagoda
  Kandy Customs CC Tamil Union C & AC TBC
  Kurunegala YCC Bloomfield C & AC Welagedara
04-Oct Army SC BRC Panagoda
Sunday Badureliya CC Police SC Surrey
  Sebastinites C Nugegoda S & WC De Zoysa
  Chilaw MCC Air Force SC MCG Katunayake
  Ragama CC Negombo CC Bloomfield
  Lankan CC Panadura SC Panadura
  Colts CC NCC Colts
  Saracens SC SLPA SC TBC
  Kalutara Town Club Moors SC Mattegoda
  SSC Bloomfield C & AC SSC
  CCC Galle CC CCC
  Kurunegala YCC Kandy Customs CC Welagedara
Date SF Match Venue
07-Oct Winner G 1 – Winner G 4 –  TBC
Wednesday Winner G 2 – Winner G 3 –  TBC
Date Final Venue
11-Oct Winner SF1 – Winner SF2 –  TBC


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