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January 21, 2021
SLC has instructed Team Manager to submit a report into the alleged incident

Sri Lanka Cricket

Media Release

21st January, 2021

REF: SLCM202106

SLC wishes to submit the following clarification pertaining to several media reports, published in the recent days which purported to have been claimed that a national player, who is currently in the test squad playing against England and a female health official assigned to the team have misbehaved inappropriately.

In consideration of the seriousness of the alleged incident which was reported by the mainstream Media, SLC has instructed the Team Manager Mr. Asantha De Mel to submit a report into the incident forthwith in order to find out the veracity of the said news reports. 

SLC wishes to state that once the Team Manager submits his report, an inquiry will be conducted into the alleged incident, if the findings of the report warrant such an inquiry.

SLC holds a zero-tolerance policy against misbehavior and stern action will be taken against any party if proven guilty.

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Media Contact: Prasanna Rodrigo, Media Manager, TP + 94 77 3540102, Email: [email protected]

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