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February 21, 2023
Sri Lanka Cricket launches a new Under 23 Invitational Tournament

Sri Lanka Cricket

  •  Aims to provide opportunities for youngsters not playing in the Under-23 Major Tournament.

Sri Lanka Cricket will conduct a new 50-over tournament with the participation of clubs taking part in the Governors Trophy, clubs relegated from the Major Club 2022 season, and also Dimbula C&AC, which has played cricket for more than 100 years.

The new tournament, which will commence on February 25, 2023, will provide an opportunity for the talented youngsters who are not part of the ongoing Major Club Under-23 Tournament to perform and come into reckoning.
The new tournament will be called the “SLC Invitational Club Under 23—50 Over Tournament 2023.”

Depending on the success of this inaugural tournament, the Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket, with the advice of the Tournament Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket, will decide on the continuity of the tournament on an annual basis.


Invitational Club U23-2023


Group A Group B
Malay CC Moratuwa SC
Leos CC Old Dharmapalians SC
Kurunegala SC RIO SC
Dimbulla A&C Club Singha SC Ambalangoda
Rajarata SC United Southern SC
Ratnapura CC Kalutara PCC
Saracens CC Kalutara TC
Lankans CC Gesto CC
Kandy CC Antonians SC


Date Host Team Visiting Team Venue
25th Feb Leos CC Kandy CC BOI Katunayake
Kurunegala SC Lankans CC Welagedara
Dimbula A&C Saracens CC Radella
Rajarata SC Ratnapura CC DCA Anuradhapura
Old Dharmapalians SC Antonians SC Army Mattegoda
26th Feb RIO SC Gesto CC MC Ambalangoda
Ratnapura CC Kurunegala SC Welagedara
United Southern SC Kalutara PCC GICS
28th Feb Saracens CC Leos CC RPICS
Rajarata SC Dimbula A&C Gajaba-Saliyapura
Antonians SC Moratuwa SC Wattala-St.Anthony’s
Kalutara TC Old Dharmapalians SC Army Mattegoda
1st Mar Kalutara PCC RIO SC Thurstan
Kandy CC Malay CC KPICS
2nd Mar Kalutara TC Moratuwa SC Surrey
3rd Mar Kandy CC Saracens CC KPICS
Leos CC Rajarata SC BOI Katunayake
Dimbula A&C Kurunegala SC Radella
Antonians SC Kalutara TC Surrey
Old Dharmapalians SC United Southern SC Army Mattegoda
Singha SC Ambalangoda RIO SC MC Ambalangoda
4th Mar Moratuwa SC Gesto CC De Soysa-Moratuwa
Kandy CC Kurunegala SC KPICS
5th Mar RIO SC Old Dharmapalians SC MC Ambalangoda
6th Mar Ratnapura CC Lankans CC TBA
Rajarata SC Kandy CC DCA Anuradhapura
Kurunegala SC Leos CC Welagedara
Kalutara PCC Gesto CC Dharmapala-Pannipitiya
United Southern SC Antonians SC GICS
07th Mar United Southern SC Singha SC Ambalangoda GICS
8th Mar Malay CC Lankans CC Meldeniya
10th Mar Saracens CC Malay CC RPICS
11th Mar Dimbula Ratnapura CC Radella
Gesto CC Singha SC Ambalangoda MC Ambalangoda
12th Mar Rajarata SC Malay CC DCA Anuradhapura
Kandy CC Ratnapura CC KPICS
Saracens CC Kurunegala SC Irrigation-Rathmalana
United Southern SC Moratuwa SC GICS
Singha SC Ambalangoda Kalutara PCC MC Ambalangoda
Kalutara TC RIO SC Surrey
Old Dharmapalians SC Gesto CC Army Mattegoda
13th Mar Leos CC Lankans CC BOI Katunayake
Dimbula Kandy CC KPICS
15th Mar Malay CC Dimbula A&C MCA
Kurunegala SC Rajarata SC Welagedara
Lankans CC Kandy CC Army Mattegoda
Moratuwa SC Singha SC Ambalangoda De Soysa-Moratuwa
Kalutara PCC Old Dharmapalians SC Bloomfield
Gesto CC Antonians SC Wattala-St.Anthony’s
16th Mar RIO SC United Southern SC MC Ambalangoda
17th Mar Malay CC Leos CC De Soysa-Moratuwa
18th Mar Lankans CC Rajarata SC RPICS
Rathnapura CC Saracens CC Surrey
Moratuwa SC Old Dharmapalians SC De Soysa-Moratuwa
Singha SC Ambalangoda Antonians SC MC Ambalangoda
Kalutara PCC Kalutara TC Bloomfield
19th Mar Gesto CC United Southern SC GICS
Singha SC Ambalangoda Kalutara TC MC Ambalangoda
Rathnapura CC Leos CC Surrey
20th Mar RIO SC Moratuwa SC MC Ambalangoda
Gesto CC Kalutara TC GICS
21st Mar Kurunegala SC Malay CC Maliyadeva-Kurunegala
Leos CC Dimbula SC BOI Katunayake
Lankans CC Sarasans CC RPICS
Old Dharmapalians SC Singha SC Ambalangoda Army Mattegoda
Antonians SC Kalutara PCC Wattala-St.Anthony’s
23rd Mar Moratuwa SC Kalutara PCC De Soysa-Moratuwa
24th Mar Malay CC Ratnapura CC De Soysa-Moratuwa
Saracans CC Rajarata SC Irrigation-Rathmalana
Lankans CC Dimbula A&C Army Mattegoda
Kalutara TC United Southern SC Dharmapala-Pannipitiya
Antonians SC RIO SC Wattala-St.Anthony’s
26th Mar Winner SF 1 Winner SF 2

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