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September 21, 2023
Sri Lanka Cricket to recommence domestic tournaments

Sri Lanka Cricket

Media Release
21st September, 2023

Sri Lanka Cricket will recommence the domestic cricket tournaments starting on Friday, September 22nd, following consent given by the Ministry of Sports and Youth pertaining to the matter.

The consent was given by the Ministry of Sports and Youth, subsequent to a meeting held between Sri Lanka Cricket and the Ministry of Sports.

Following the meeting, in a letter addressed to Sri Lanka Cricket, the Ministry of Sports and Youth further clarified the direction given by the Director General of Sports pertaining to the ratification of an appeal advisory committee decision by the Hon. Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs, which resulted in domestic cricket tournaments being halted, until further clarification was sought on the matter.

Upon receiving the clarifications, Sri Lanka Cricket decided to recommence the Major Club 3-Day Tournament and the Tier ‘B’ Club 3-dayTournament starting on September 22, 2023.

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