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November 12, 2023
Media Release | SLC Urges Government of Sri Lanka: No Political Interference in Cricket Affairs

Sri Lanka Cricket

12th November 2023

Media Release

We wish to inform that the International Cricket Council’s ( ICC ) Board of Directors, composing of representatives from the 17 member boards ( countries), convened on Friday the 10th of November has determined that Sri Lanka Cricket ( SLC ) is in serious breach of its obligations as a member state in particular Sri Lanka Cricket has been unable to manage its affairs autonomously and independently and to prevent government interference in the governance, regulation, and administration of cricket in Sri Lanka as envisaged in Article 2.4 (d) of the Articles of Association of the ICC “ Article 2.4 (d); manage it’s affairs autonomously and ensure that there is no government (or other public or quasi public body ) interfere in it’s governance, regulation and/or administration of Cricket in its Cricket playing country (including in operational matters, the selection and management of teams, and in the appointment of coaches or support personnel)

“Sri Lanka Cricket emphasizes that our President, Shammi Silva, is currently in Sri Lanka and did not travel to India on the reported days, contrary to media claims. It is essential to underscore that Sri Lanka Cricket lacks the authority to influence decisions made by the ICC—an independent body that operates within its defined jurisdiction.

In response to the suspension, SLC convened an emergency Executive Committee meeting on Saturday the 11th of November chaired by President Shammi Silva. The objective of the meeting was to address the suspension and strategize measures for its prompt resolution.

SLC wishes to state that the ICC had closely monitored the interference by the Minister of Sports and the Sports Ministry and the suspension imposed is after several warnings in writing by the ICC to SLC and SLC promptly had brought the same to the attention of the Minister of Sports but regrettably the said warnings were not heeded to. SLC further wishes to state that the continuation of the suspension would have severe repercussions on the game of cricket in our country.

In the said circumstances SLC respectfully urge the Government of Sri Lanka to take note of the obligation of SLC to comply with said article 2.4(d) and ensure that there is no political interference in the affairs of SLC for SLC to get it membership restored as soon as possible and ensure the uninterrupted progress of cricket in Sri Lanka.

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