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November 24, 2023
The Ministry of Sports provides confusing details about the way it spent the SLC grant given to the National Sports Fund

Sri Lanka Cricket

Media Release

24th November 2023

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) wishes to state that the Ministry of Sports has misled the public and Sri Lanka Cricket by providing confusing details as to how it spent the Rs. 289 million grant provided by SLC to the National Sports Fund.

A comparison between a document obtained by Sri Lanka Cricket from the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs under the Rights to Information (RTI) Act and the media release issued by the Ministry informing how the funds were spent shows glaring differences.

In the media release issued by the Ministry of Sports on November 13, 2023, it provided details of 47 items on how the SLC’s grant of Rs. 289 million has been spent.

However, a document obtained by the SLC on November 23 under the Rights to Information Act shows the ministry has spent money on 67 activities instead of the 47 mentioned in the media release.

In the meantime, an assessment between the media release of the Ministry and the document received by the SLC shows disparities in the figures of 33 items.

Hence, Sri Lanka Cricket earnestly requests the Ministry of Sports to provide clarity on these differences, as transparency and accountability in such spending are vital ingredients of good governance.

Note to Editors Attached herewith are

  • The list highlighting the differences.
  • The letter sent by SLC to the Ministry of Sports seeking an explanation for the disparity

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