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July 24, 2019
Announcement – ’Giant Screen Rights’ Awarded to ‘Emerging Media’

Sri Lanka Cricket

Media Release

23rd July, 2019

Ref: SLCM201963

Sri Lanka Cricket wishes to announce their partnership with Emerging Media (Pvt). Ltd as their exclusive provider of the Giant Digital Screen to display corporate sponsor brand communication during the upcoming tours of Bangladesh and New Zealand in 2019. 

Sri Lanka Cricket announced their exclusive partnership with Emerging Media (Pvt) Ltd on July 6th 2019. The partnership is a positive step forward for both parties with Sri Lanka Cricket looking to reinvigorate the fan culture that is critical to maintain their brand equity and for Emerging Media to have an opportunity to provide our local audience with an electrifying ambiance that sets the stage for the first tour since the World Cup.

Emerging Media will operate and maintain high quality giant digital screens at all match venues for the Bangladesh ODI tour from July 26th– July 31st and the New Zealand Tour from 14th August – 6th September which includes two test matches and three T20s.

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