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March 23, 2020
“Follow my example and get quarantined” Kumar Sangakkara urges Lankans who arrived from overseas

Sri Lanka Cricket

By Srian Obeyesekere

Saying that ‘this is something all of us who arrived from abroad ‘have to do’ to fall in line with the stipulated quarantine procedure to  prevent the dreaded COVID19 Corona killer pandemic from spreading in Sri Lanka, the former Sri Lanka cricket captain, Kumar Sangakkara yesterday appearing on national television, made a fervent appeal to Sri Lankans who had arrived from abroad and abstaining from reporting to the health authorities to do so without any further delay.

Sangakkara, who is the current President of the Merleborne Cricket Club (MCC) urged such Sri Lankans to follow his example of having done so and having got himself immediately quarantined on returning from England a week ago so as to enable the government to fully eradicate the deadly killer pandemic that has reared its head in Sri Lanka.

As the number of Corona victims rose to 82 by Sunday, Sangakkara came forward to  drive home the gravity of the current situation the country was faced with and the urgent need to fall in line with the government’s quarantine procedure. “I myself returned from England and registered my arrival in conformity with the urgent quarantine requirement a  week ago by reporting to the nearest police station on arrival and have been adhering to the two-week home quarantine procedure with a medical officer turning up daily and monitoring my progress. I have isolated myself from the rest of my family members in accordance with the medical requirements.

“This is something all of us who have been travelling by air have to do in the national interest so as to eradicate the COVID19 Corona Pandemic,” he stressed.

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