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May 31, 2020
Sri Lanka National Men’s Players Return to Training

Sri Lanka Cricket

Media Release

31st May, 2020

The National Men’s players will return to training on the 01st June 2020, strictly adhering to the health regulations imposed by the Government in view of the Covid – 19 pandemic.

Accordingly, the selected squad of 13 members will undergo a 12 day ‘Residential Training Camp’ at the CCC, Colombo, whilst they will stay as a group in a hotel during the entirety of the camp.

The players taking part in the camp represents a general squad chosen from across all formats, and primarily consist of bowlers, as they need more time for ‘conditioning’ before going into active competition. 

The coaching and support staff consists of a four member unit.

The 12 day ‘Residential Training Camp’ was implemented, taking into consideration the health regulations imposed by the Government, which specifies cricket as a ‘High Risk’ sport and needs residential training.

SLC has taken all required measures in consultation with the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Health to ensure the safety of every individual involved in this exercise, and has formulated a set of procedures to adhere, during the camp period and before.

Accordingly, some of the procedures are as follows,

  • All vehicles involved in the program will be disinfected before commencing the ‘Residential Camp’ and also during the camp period.
  • Whilst health officials already visited the hotel and the practice venue, and provided health guidelines to the staff members of the respective venues to follow, during the camp period.
  • Members taking part in the camp, will not be allowed to leave the hotel premises or the practice venue to attend personal matters during the training period.

Ends – 

Note to Editors

On the 01st June, the squad will conduct in-house fitness training at the hotel, whilst, ground training will start from the 2nd of June.

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