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November 11, 2020
LPL is a very good initiative by the SLC – Mickey Arthur

Sri Lanka Cricket

By Prasanna Rodrigo

11th November, 2020

Following is a Q & A session held with Sri Lanka National Team’s Head Coach Mickey Arthur, about his views on the Lanka Premier League 2020.

Q: His Views on the LPL

 A: I think the LPL is a very good initiative by the SLC and one that I think will bear fruit in the future by fast-tracking young players’ development. 

Q: Prospects for Sri Lanka Cricket in terms of developing the game

 A:There are many ways it enhances our player development with the most important one being teaching players how to perform under pressure as this is an art that comes with experience, the LPL will provide them with that opportunity. 

Q: How do you think competitions such as LPL, help form strong and competitive National T20 teams 

 A: I have seen in leagues that I have been involved with around the world how the players grow because of the excitement of the pressures and expectations, the interaction with overseas players and coaches, and being around a professional environment.  

Q: How will the young players benefit out of this tournament

A: As I have mentioned before young players grow because of the fact that they are mixing with overseas players and Sri Lanka’s best players and can watch, observe and learn as to how they go about their preparation and match day planning. 

Q: Plans on utilizing the talent outcomes of the tournament to shape up Sri Lanka’s T20 strategy  

A: Our strategy is pretty set up already and I am very clear on how we want our players to play and who the right players are based on world trends and the brand of cricket that we want to play. However, franchise tournaments always throw up some new names and this is a wonderful opportunity for players to put their names up for selection. 

Q: Looking for Match Winners to fill key slots in the National Team

A: I am always on the lookout for young, fresh talent that is just crying out for opportunity, provided they fit the criteria into what we are looking for and I think they can provide match-winning performances of International cricket standards, then I will take a good hard look at them. One must be cautious though, as there is still a gulf between Internationals cricket and franchise tournaments. We always want players in our set up that are…

Q: Opportunity for our Cricketers to play competitive Cricket 

 A: The most pleasing aspect for me is the fact that our players are going to be out there playing competitive cricket again as it has been a long frustrating time for all of us. Any number of net sessions and training can never replicate tough hard competitive cricket and that is what our players are going to get before some very tough international cricket coming up.  

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