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November 15, 2020
LPL will up local cricket and mental wellbeing of COVID hit nation – Bandula Warnapura

Sri Lanka Cricket

By Srian Obeyesekere

Sri Lanka’s first Test cricket captain, Bandula Warnapura, while welcoming Sri Lanka Cricket’ staging of the historic Lanka Premier League “which he believed would enable the country’s young latent talent to further evolve their game in making it to the big international stage, said, “The LPL will also be a much welcome tonic towards the mental well being of a nation’s people plagued by health problems of the current COVID 19 pandemic and other domestic problems by getting the opportunity to watch the live telecast or listen to the radio commentaries of the matches.” 

“A sportsman should indulge in not just cricket but whatever other sport. Thereby they are nourished both mentally and physically. Likewise cricket lovers should watch or listen to match reports. Particularly for the people who are starved of cricket action due to the current COVID 19 impasse, the staging of the LPL will be a huge welcome tonic” he added.

Warnapura went on to observe that the LPL had created the window for local players to showcase their talents and easily make it to big time international cricket. Still importantly the LPL would afford young Lankan cricketers who have not had the opportunity to participate in international cricket fare to do so by playing alongside talented foreign players.

Likewise, this showpiece tournament had also afforded the best of country’s cricketers to take part by representing the five teams drawn up for the tournament. 

Further welcoming the staging of the LPL as a boost to the country economy in some way, Warnapura said, “I believe that Sri Lanka should derive the similar benefits that other countries that had staged similar tournaments.”

He concluded by observing the the Sri Lankan cricket loving populace who had eagerly viewed the television telecasts of the recently concluded 2020 IPL, would indeed be looking to catching the LPL action with a greater expectancy. 

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