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June 27, 2024
Introducing ‘Power Blast Overs’: The LPL 2024 will feature a thrilling two-over power play

Sri Lanka Cricket

27th June 2024

Media Release

The Lanka Premier League 2024 will introduce an exciting new feature with the addition of a special power play towards the latter part of each innings.

This new innovation, named ‘Power Blast Overs,’ will provide each team with a two-over power play during the 16th and 17th overs of their innings.

This new power play will be in addition to the traditional power play that occurs during the first six overs of an inning.

During the ‘Power Blast Overs,’ only four fielders will be allowed outside the circle, thus creating a more aggressive and thrilling phase of the game.

We decided to bring this innovation in order to create further excitement for the league, which is growing year by year,” said Mr. Samantha Dodanwela, Tournament Director of the Lanka Premier League 2024.

This new introduction is sure to generate a lot of excitement among the fans, and the teams will need to strategize effectively to make the most of this period,” he added.


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